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Demo Opportunities

You’ve long known ICUEE is the “Demo Expo” but recent research conducted by ICUEE among utilities and utility contractors has confirmed that the demonstrations at ICUEE have a significant influence on their decision to attend the show and purchase products. It’s simple: More demos = more attendees. So Show Management wants to help you develop and promote your demonstration opportunities at the show.

What is a Demonstration?

A sales promotion method that shows of the performance or merits of a product or service in actual use or simulated conditions. It should be hands-on or otherwise interactive/engaging and informative. Entertaining and fun are bonus attributes of demonstrations. Simply showing a video doesn’t qualify as a demonstration.

Why Demonstrations?

What Kind of Demonstrations?

All exhibitors can conduct a demonstration. You don’t have to have equipment or an outdoor space. Just take a look at some best-in-class, in-booth demonstrations recently highlighted in Exhibitor Magazine.

Demonstration Opportunities

Demo Schedule – FREE
Add your planned demo to the show’s Demo Schedule where attendees can view in advance and plan their agenda at ICUEE. The Demo Schedule is a big part of ICUEE’s marketing plan and will be featured in numerous email campaigns. Demos can be added to the schedule through the Exhibitor Dashboard and best of all, its FREE.

Demo Stage
NEW for ICUEE 2013, exhibitors can give educational product demonstrations on the Demo Stage, centrally located in South Hall B. This is an amazing opportunity to demo your new technology or innovation in a 15-20 minute format to a captive audience. Each demo spot costs $1,500 for Tuesday and Wednesday, $1,000 for Thursday. The demo stage includes standard AV plus a promotional campaign to drive attendance to the stage.

  • The Demo Stage is not just for equipment demos – instead of demonstrating equipment or a product, you could feature your company's expertise and knowledge as long as the session is interactive in nature.
  • The Demo Stage will also feature an MC to announce sessions and help ensure audience interaction with Q&A, etc. The stage layout will have a large audience seating area, a big screen for your presentation, and a drive-in area to accommodate equipment or products should you wish to incorporate that.

To apply for a demo stage spot, please submit an abstract for review.

Interactive Demo Video Wall
Feature your new products and technologies on the Interactive Demo Video Wall, located in Lobby B. Video spots are 30 seconds long on an interactive video unit guaranteed to engage attendees who will want to learn more about your company. Contact your account executive at 800-867-6060 to learn more.

Ride & Drive
Give attendees the chance to operate your commercial vehicles “on the open road” so they can better examine your truck, truck body and accessories. The Ride & Drive area always sells out, so reserve your space early. Contact your account executive at 800-867-6060 for more information.