housing is closed

Need to make changes to your reservation: Reservations changes should now be made directly with your assigned hotel.
Need a new reservation: If you have not previously requested a hotel reservation as part of your registration, unfortunately the official show housing is now closed. You may check availability within the Louisville area via aRes Travel Service.

Please note that this is a separate hotel reservation booking tool and is not connected to your show registration. Reservations made with the aRes system will not appear in the Accommodations portion of your registration. aRes reservations may include non-refundable or full pre-payment reservations and assess booking fees that will be immediately charged to your credit card upon booking. All hotel booking fees and cancellation policies are set forth by aRes/hotels. All updates to and cancellations of your reservations booked through the aRes website must be made with the ARES call center:

ARES call center Telephone 
(U.S.): 1-800-300-6147 
(Worldwide): +1 619-546-7263

*The aRes Travel website and booking engine is not hosted by Show Management and/or Experient. Show Management and/or Experient are not responsible for collecting any fees associated with higher rates, no-show fees or any agreements made between you and ARES. Nightly rate and fees are established by ARES and cannot be modified by members of the ICUEE customer service team.

Scam Warning - Housing Poachers

Experient is the only official housing company for ICUEE 2017. Other companies may attempt to sell you housing in Louisville. This is a scam. These companies are not affiliated with ICUEE and the rooms they are attempting to sell you are not legitimate.  If you receive emails or phone call, please contact Michelle Sanford at msanford@aem.org.


Experient is the official housing provider for ICUEE 2017. For questions, please contact Experient’s customer service department:

Email: ICUEE-att@experient-inc.com
Phone: 800-424-5247 or 847-996-5829 (Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5 p.m. Central Time)